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adult baby girls in diapers

If you have a mainstream adult background it's hard to know how to promote such a niche site as this one. launched in May 2006 & has been positively recieved in the AB/DL community.

AB/DL = adult baby/diaper lover. It is a VERY commonly used search term & used very often in that niche. There are more AB/DL's worldwide than you could EVER imagine & is a common practice amoung adults for many many years.
Adult Baby is totally different from a Diaper Lover. Adult Babies like to roleplay & ageplay, like to dress up in adult baby clothing & ACT the part of an infant/baby (infantilism) whereas DL's act like grown ups who just like to wear diapers, either alone or under their clothing. My site focusses on AB's mainly.

FACT - I've been inside numerous AB sites & know that my videos are LONGER LENGTH & better acted out than all of the other ones. My scenes create real ageplay scenarios like feeding time, diaper change, etc better than most. All scenes are 100% exclusive with amatuer girls that have never done AB/DL vids before. All AB clothing is made by me!

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